Châle Pashmina Vert Anglais

Composition: 100% Pashmina (Cashmere)
Dimensions:: approx. 100x200 cm
Place of Manufacture:: Srinagar (Kashmir Valley – India)
Place of Origin of the Fiber : Ladakh (Himalaya)
Weave: : handmade on a traditional loom


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Remarkable for their great lightness and softness, Ansari Pashmina shawls have been hand woven with the utmost care, on traditional looms.

L’ atelier familial de nos Artisans est à dimension humaine et si situe à Srinagar, capitale de l’État du Kashmir, en Inde. 

The Pashmina fibres used to make our shawls are harvested exclusively by hand, using combs, by the nomadic Changpa shepherds and come from pure pedigree goats, endemic to the arid plateau of Ladakh (Himalayan chain), the Changthangi goats. 

A noble variety of cashmere known for its extreme fineness and unequalled softness, Pashmina fibre is rare and belongs to the restricted club of "ultra-fine" natural fibres.

Suitable for the most sensitive skins, it does not sting, acts as a moisture barrier and provides gentle, constant and never stifling warmth".  

Free delivery in Metropolitan France

If needed, a complimentary gift wrap will be provided on request when you order.

Atelier de Tissage


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