Jali Pashmina Stole "Andromède"

The refinement of the embroidery is enhanced by the black background of the twill weave. The pattern of small flowers, leaves and buds is characteristic of Kashmiri art. The genuine Pashmina "Andromeda" stole was first hand-woven on a traditional loom and then carefully hand-embroidered in our craftsman's workshop in Srinagar, in the Kashmir valley.


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Sophisticated and timeless stole the "Andromède" Pashmina has a lovely paisley and floral motif entirely hand-embroidered. 

Made in Kashmir with the best Pashmina, entirely woven and embroidered by hand, Ansari Kashmir stoles bear witness to an artisanal know-how handed down from father to son for generations.  

Renowned for its fineness, thermal properties and lightness, Pashmina fibre is 100% natural and offers unequalled warmth and softness.

Harvested exclusively by hand from the goats of the Changthang plateau (Himalayas), it belongs to the restricted club of "ultra-fine" natural fibres.

Comes in an elegant, complimentary case.

Coffret Ansari Cachemire

Your Pashmina stole will be accompanied by a certificate, a fabric travel pouch, a sachet of organic lavender from Provence and an anti-pest protective cover. 

Free delivery in Metropolitan France

If needed, a complimentary gift wrap will be provided on request when you order.

Atelier de Tissage


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