Pashmina Sealkot - Stole 70x190 cm


I palledars (bordi) della stola Pashmina Sealkot sono riccamente ricamati e misurano 13,5 cm di larghezza.

The weave is a beautiful fuchsia-pink colour, hand-woven and has a partridge-eye effect.

Le motif de l’étole Pashmina Sealkot est très bien structuré et détaillé, il évoque les décorations en bas-relief caractéristiques de l’architecture indienne de l’époque Moghole.

The long sinuous palmettes with double curved heads refer to the style in vogue during the Sikh or Dogra dynasties (circa 1820 / 1840).

The colours chosen by the embroiderer to bring his work to life are duck green, azure blue, apricot orange and ecru.

The embroiderer took care to number his creation.


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Product Presentation

Pashmina Sealkot

Palledar Collection

The stole in Pashmina Sealkot has been handmade in the workshop of our artisan family in Srinagar, in the Kashmir valley in India.

Depending on the level of experience of the weaver and embroiderer, the average time required to make so-called Palledar creations is 20 days.   

This includes 1 to 1.5 days of loom preparation and as many days for weaving.    

Please note that the time for cleaning, carding and spinning are not included in the above estimates. For example, the cleaning process alone of 50 grams of raw fibre takes an average of 8 hours.  

The average weight of a pashmina stole embroidered in the palledar style is about 110 grams.

Please note that the actual colours may vary significantly from those shown on the screen and that slight imperfections in the weave and/or embroidery are a guarantee of 100% handmade work.

Please note that your Pashmina stole will be delivered in an elegant case. It will be accompanied by a certificate, a travel pouch, a lavender sachet and a moth-proof cover.  

Free delivery in Metropolitan France

If needed, a complimentary gift wrap will be provided on request when you order.