Pashmina Shawl Avocado Green

Pashmina Shawl Avocado Green

The weave is a traditional twill, regular and very well executed by hand on a traditional loom.

The characteristic shade of green is as intense as it is attractive

The Avocado Green Pashmina shawl is extremely soft and silky to the touch, making it a great accessory for all skin types, including the most sensitive.


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Pashmina Shawl Avocado Green

The Pashmina Shawl Avocado Green has been carefully handcrafted in our artisan's family workshop in Srinagar, in the Kashmir Valley of India.

Selon le niveau d’expérience du tisserand, le temps nécessaire à la réalisation d’un châle en pashmina uni est d’environ 5 jours à hauteur de 6 heures par jour. 

Please note that the time for cleaning, carding and spinning are not included in the above estimates. For example, the cleaning process alone of 50 grams of raw fibre takes an average of 8 hours.  

The average weight of a pashmina shawl is about 160 grams.

Please note that the actual colours may vary significantly from those shown on the screen and that slight imperfections in the weave and/or embroidery are a guarantee of 100% handmade work.

Nous vous informons que votre Pashmina sera livré dans un élégant étui gracieusement offert. Celui-ci sera accompagné de Certificat, Pochette de voyage, Sachet de Lavande et Housse de protection antimites. 

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