Châle Pashmina "Jaisalmer"

Composition: 100% Pashmina (Cashmere)
Dimensions:: approx. 100x200 cm
Place of Manufacture:: Srinagar (Kashmir Valley – India)
Place of Origin of the Fiber : Ladakh (Himalaya)
Weave: : handmade twill weaving on traditional loom
Embroidery:: handmade


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Le Châle Pashmina « Jaisalmer » a été tissé main sur un métier traditionnel, puis brodé à la main selon la tradition Cachemiri « Tus Sozani ». Cette dernière permet de créer des motifs très raffinés, presque parfaitement réversibles, dont on ne peut que souligner la qualité.

The greatest care has been paid to its manufacture. 

Le Châle «Jaisalmer» est une réalisation unique.

Renowned for its unrivalled fineness and exceptional thermal qualities, Pashmina fibre is a natural moisture barrier and provides soft and pleasant warmth.

Your shawl will be delivered in a complimentary elegant case.

Coffret Ansari Cachemire

It will be accompanied by a certificate, a fabric travel pouch, a sachet of organic lavender from Provence and an anti-pest protective cover. 

Free delivery in Metropolitan France

If needed, a complimentary gift wrap will be provided on request when you order.

Atelier de Tissage


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