Pashmina Salisbury - Shawl 100x200 cm


Elaborate, ornamental lines unfold on the Salisbury Pashmina Shawl as plant silhouettes spring up and draw a continuous stream of symmetrical spirals. The sinuous branches, foliage, scrolls and decorative palmettes are depicted with elegance and delicacy.

La chaleureuse palette de couleurs automnales qui va du rouge et de l’orange au jaune et au brun, confère à l’ensemble un caractère de profondeur et d’harmonie.

Le châle pashmina Salisbury est une création unique réalisée en véritable pashmina du Ladakh dans l’atelier de nos artisans à Srinagar, dans la vallée du Cachemire en Inde.


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Pashmina Salisbury Shawl

Exceptional Collection

The Salisbury Pashmina Shawl has been carefully handcrafted in our artisan's family workshop in Srinagar, in the Kashmir Valley of India.

It took about 80 days to make.

This includes 2 days of loom preparation and 2 days of weaving.

Cleaning, carding and spinning times are not included. As an example, the cleaning process alone of 50 grams of raw fibre takes an average of 8 hours.

Please note that the actual colours may vary from those shown on the screen and that slight imperfections in the weave and/or embroidery are a guarantee of 100% craftsmanship.

Your Pashmina shawl will be delivered in an elegant gift box. This will be accompanied by a Certificate, Travel Pouch, Lavender sachet and Moth proof cover.

Free delivery in Metropolitan France

If needed, a complimentary gift wrap will be provided on request when you order.

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